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Hey, I'm Raven :) Welcome to my blog. I do not in any way promote depression, self harm, etc.
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Isn’t it weird how humans have to drink a clear liquid substance to survive




Bonjour everyone , the name is Ryan some friends may also call me Omario , i have been here on tumblr for about three years. At first i was a depression/suicidal blog and yes as pathetic as it seems i used to selfharm but over the years i met important people that helped me grow up , learn how to handle problems and also love myself. This is for everyone who is feeling either sad depressed : please don’t be.
Life is worth much more , and i am not one of those who will quotes corny stuff to make someone feel better , i’ve actually been through this.
Fight for what you want , don’t stay there waiting for it to happen , next month i will be leaving my familly behind and go live kilometers away where i can chase new dreams , face new problems and meet new people , much more importantly be another better person.
If you need someone to talk to please contact me it would be my pleasure to listen and advice or help. Please share this to any person who you know is sad. 

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